My name is Jennifer; I have been knitting since 1995. I am mostly self taught although my grandmother helped me get started. My favorite thing to knit is socks; I finished my 13th pair of socks earlier in 2004 (not counting mini-socks and Christmas stockings.) When I'm not knitting socks, there are lots of other projects in my queue, including my First Sweater. I am using The Sweater Workshop (Jacqueline Fee) as my guide. I chose moss stitch as the pattern, and am making a standard crew-neck pullover, although this may turn into a vest, as the sleeves aren't working well. I also have a few squares of Barbara Walker's Learn-to-Knit Afghan done--only 58 (or so) left to go!  

 Projects Finished in 2005

  • Strawberry cap for Gary Anne

Projects Finished in 2004

  • One sock (I haven't even started the second one!) for Gary
  • Socks for me, from Socks Soar on Circular Needles
  • Pink and purple scarf made from Bernat Boa

Projects Finished in 2003

  • Socks for Gary, from Socks Soar on Circular Needles
  • Slipper socks made with Mountain Colors Yarn
  • Bulky Tan Sweater (it took me two years!)
  • Strawberry Cap for Thea (age 6 months)
  • Wrist warmer (just one, maybe the second will happen later....)
  • mini Christmas sock (started in....1997!)

Projects Finished in 2001-2


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